Things to keep in mind when choose to study abroad

Earlier foreign education and universities were restricted only to upper middle and upper class families. Now many foreign universities have opened doors for international students to get the best academic education. With more options coming in, it has now become a tough task for students to choose the university they want to study.

Country selection: First students need to make sure that they choose the right country for further studies. With various countries making it flexible for students to study in terms of visa, fees or accommodation, it has become tough to choose. U.S, U.K, Canada and Malaysia are few countries that have excellent education system. To choose among these countries, one need to pay heed to few important factors so that they do not end up making any unfavourable choices. For a country selection, students need to understand the language spoken by the country. Few countries are quite restricted with their local language and do not respond well to English or other languages.

Course availability: Are the courses available in most of the universities of a given country? Every country specializes in a certain field. Thus it narrows down the career options for students.

Programs for students: Many universities have developed programs for international students. As they are not too well versed with the culture, these programs have a subject to make sure they understand the culture and the market which would help them in future. In addition to this, students need to make sure that rules for international students are flexible in such countries.

Once the country is been shortlisted, students can check for the following factor to make the stay a relaxed and peaceful one. To stay safe and study well, there are few tips that needs to be taken care of.

    1. Right accommodation
      When you are scouting for accommodation especially if it is international students, the place needs to be easily accessible. Cheap accommodation will be placed in the outskirts and is not recommended for students. Being expats, it could cause more harm than imagined. Thus, look for a place that is placed at the centre of the city with easily accessible metros, trams and buses. The surroundings for these localities are safe and friendly. Moreover, reaching university, or malls will save them a huge buck. Late commuters would not face trouble while returning back.

  1. Get a touch of the local language
    As English is most recognized language in the world. But few phrases of the local language will help you commute easily and get the local touch. In case of travelling to Malaysia for studies, students need to learn basic phrases in Malaysian language that would help them in case of emergency. Though this country has maximum English speaking people, but learning the language would help communication much easier.
  2. Cultural sensitivity
    Studying abroad makes you responsible to learn the culture of the country. In countries like Middle East, wearing short dresses or revealing clothes are highly prohibited in few areas. Schools, colleges, malls or mosques, women’s need to be careful with their attire. But in countries like Malaysia, it is the opposite. Their liberal culture gives women’s the flexibility to wear as they like. Understanding the culture of the country will help you blend well with the other students. Know the weather conditions and carry the minimum amount of clothing. Be its summer, spring or winter, make sure you have the necessary clothing. Everything you wear or speak narrates the country you have navigated from. To gel with the local culture try to dress and talk like them.
  3. Get the documentation correctly
    Students travelling abroad need to make sure they get the required documents filed up correctly. Without proper documentation you could be denied either during or before travel or during the admission. To get the documentation process right, an overseas consultant can also help and make the process a smooth and stress free one. They make sure you have the required paperwork for entry into the country and later take care of your admission requirements. Letter of recommendation, visa fee receipt, TOFEL or ILETS score reports, sponsor letter and visa documentation, all is single handled by the Malaysian education consultants.Students willing to pursue higher education be it bachelor degree in Malaysia or MBBS in Malaysia, theyhave to keep in mind the above tips. It might get a little stressful and difficult but the long term rewards are overwhelming. To make things simpler, students can even appoint an educational consultants who would do the job.

What makes Malaysia the best choice for seeking education?

The beautiful Southeast Asian country Malaysia occupies parts of the Malay Peninsula & the island of Borneo. The country is popularly known for its beauteous beaches, scenic landscape, dense rainforests, therich diverse culture which is a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian & European influences, heavenly food, busy shopping streets, modern, skyscrapers such as the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, modern architecture and education.

Being recognized as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, Malaysia is urging each day to achieve new heights in all sectors. Education is one of them. According to UNESCO, Malaysia ranks at the 11th position in the list of most preferred study destination in the world. There are many reasons why one can choose Malaysia for education.

  1. Malaysia is currently home to more than one lakh of international students from more than 100 countries and is providing education through its local colleges and universities.
  2. With the regular governance of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia ensures highest standards of imparting education to its students. The National Quality Assurance Agency actively monitors the system throughout Malaysia.
  3. English is the primary language for all courses and the most widely used language besides the local language Malay. Communication is not a challenge for International students.
  4. Malaysia is a comfortable abode of to all international students due to its diverse culture and religion. People get well-adjusted here due to the presence of three largest ethnic groups – Malay, Chinese & Indians.
  5. Malaysia is considered as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. 
  6. Majorly all undergraduate & postgraduate courses are offered here. The medical field has also expanded over the years. There are good universities for medical science students who want to study MBBS in Malaysia. There are twinning programmes also which allows students to pursue initial two years of degree in Malaysia and final year with the partner universities in Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, etc. This is also applicable to international students studying in Malaysia.
  7. Immigration procedure is hassle-free for students who want to pursue an education in Malaysia. Colleges willingly provide necessary assistance to international students for smooth immigration procedures.
  8. Food lovers can have the best time in Malaysia with a huge variety of cuisines available. One can find a delicious mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisines along with a distinctive style of culture like Peranakan&Euraion cooling. For this reason, Malaysia is often known as a food paradise. Students can never go hungry in Malaysia. With the huge inflow of international students, most of the restaurants have also started serving Continental, Western, Middle Eastern and European food as well.
  9. Malaysia has one of the perfect locations as it falls under the safe zone geographically, which is free from all-natural disasters.
  10. The country is politically stable and peaceful, which adds more safety to it.
  11. Malaysia is quite a cosmopolitan country and is a comfortable home for shopaholics. It is active and bright all day and night.
  12. The transport system of Malaysia is very developed, inexpensive and convenient. It connects all Malaysian cities, towns, villages and other places where students can go and explore.

The country is unstoppable for the vision it encompasses. The dream of Malaysia has no boundaries. The higher educational institutions as working closely with the industry & foreign partner universities to make sure that the courses are abreast with the market requirements. With the immense knowledge to counsel aspirants with their queries, Malaysia education consultants open doors to numerous opportunities to them for a brighter future.

Top 10 reasons why one should study in Malaysia

Malaysia is a South-East Asian country with a diverse culture. It is an abode to numerous ethnic groups, religions and races. Just like the culture, the geographical location is equally diverse. This city offers the right balance between life and nature. From the Kuala Lumpur’s famous Petronas Towers to the exotic rainforests to the education sector, Malaysia has a gist of every single beauty.

Talking about education, Malaysia has an organized education system governed by the Ministry of education. With the exemplary higher education, graduation and post-graduation colleges and universities in Malaysia, students from across the globe aspire to Study in Malaysia. Let us discuss how Malaysia has turned into an education hub:

    1. Well-Established Education
      The government of Malaysia has put strong efforts to uplift the education system. Today it is at par with the international standards and is closely monitored by authorities regularly. With the vision to turn Malaysia into a Center of Excellence of Higher Education, the quality and the standard of education is exceptional. The quality assurance body, Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) which comes under the Ministry of Higher Education is responsible for maintaining the quality assurance aspects and accreditation of higher education at the National level.

    1. Recognized Degrees
      Malaysia has campuses of all major universities from the US, UK, Australia, Canada etc. Students can get degrees by studying from these prestigious colleges. These universities offer all the degree courses to the students who are willing to take education from reputed institutions. Even those who want to study diploma in Malaysia with the help of Malaysian Education Consultants, there are many courses for them as well.
    2. Good Quality of Life
      Malaysia is a recent settlement which has outpaced the developing counterparts. It has the most advanced infrastructure in Asia starting from the state-of-the-art health care & medical facilities to telecommunications, best-in-class university campuses and South East Asia’s superb expressway network.
    3. Affordable
      The cost of living and studying in Malaysia is comparatively very low to countries like US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. The country is pocket-friendly where one can easily manage all the expenditures.
    4. Hassle-Free Immigration Process
      This is a huge benefit for all the international students who can avail the trouble-free immigration procedures as compared to other countries where it is a task for students.

  1. Safe Living
    With great political stability, Malaysia can claim itself as one of the safest -countries of the world. Also, the country is free from natural disasters which make it more alluring to live in as the natural beauty intact. The weather of Malaysia is pleasant round the year with no extremities.
  2. Delicious Food
    Since Malaysia is home to many races and cultures, there is a wide variety of delicious eateries in different cuisines.
  3. Tourist Destination
    Malaysia attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world for its natural and scenic beauty. It is also culturally rich which gives another reason to the tourists for their travel to this country. Malaysia is a mix of man-made architecture and natural beauty. Numerous wildlife and bird sanctuaries here are also world-famous.
  4. Multi-Lingual
    Malaysia is a land of many languages. Though Malay and English are the regular languages, due to diversity in society, people also speak Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Cantonese, Malayalam and other indigenous languages.
  5. Diverse Culture
    Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country with a vast variety of cultures & traditions. The students are exposed to different cultures and traditions which is rare to find occurrence.

Thus, studying in Malaysia can be the most enriching experience for students coming from different countries and cultures.

Why study in Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the most electrifying Southeast Asian countries. Not only its vibrancy, rich culture, scrumptious food, bustling metropolis, shopping hub, greenery and extremely cheap prices but also its education. With the tremendous growth in the international education sector over the past decade, Malaysia has been ranked at 11th position among the most preferred educational destinations in the world. It is working on the path to becoming the centre of educational excellence in South East Asia. All these facts are responsible for it to be earning the title “Truly Asia”.

According to a survey conducted by UNESCO, Malaysia captures about 2% of the total market share of international students with presently more than one lakh international students from more than 150 countries. This count is increasing drastically year by year.

Malaysia has become a land of foreign universities with more than 100 recognized universities covering a vast range of courses from the world over. Foreign investors are putting in a huge amount of money, with the support of the Malaysian government, in the higher education sector of Malaysia as well as for setting up campuses for foreign universities.

Let us discuss 11 major reasons why one should Study in Malaysia.

    1. Rapidly Improving Quality of Higher Education
      The education in Malaysia is at par with the international standards and is regularly put under surveillance by the Ministry of Higher Education to convert Malaysia into a centre of Excellence for Higher Education. Some of the universities rank among the top 100 in the world for their courses in computer science & engineering.
    2. A Place for International Degrees
      Malaysia is investing majorly on education and bringing in topmost universities of the world with the best curriculum and courses to set up branches in Malaysia.
    3. Affordable costs of studying &living
      Malaysia is not one of the expensive countries of the world where survival becomes challenging especially for the students. The cost of living and education is very reasonable.
    4. Job Avenues for Students
      Malaysia permitsinternational students to work part-time for 20 hours/week. They can work in restaurants, mini-markets, cafes, hotels, petrol stations and more. Though they cannot take up the cashier, singing, musician or such jobs. After graduating, they get a wider range of employment options ranging from engineering jobs to managerial, finance, accounting, communications, IT, designing, multimedia, architecture, logistics, supply chain management, actuarial science jobs and much more.

  1. Seamless Immigration Procedures
    There is a hassle-free immigration procedure for international students if compared from other countries.
  2. Low Crime Rate
    Malaysia is one of the safest countries with political stability. According to a survey of 2011, Malaysia ranked at 19th position out of 153 in the most post peaceful country category.
  3. Favourable & Easily Adaptable Weather
    The weather of Malaysia is pleasant round the year with a mix of sun and rains. Malaysia does not experience any extreme weather conditions.
  4. Diverse Culture
    Malaysian culture is very unique. People here are very friendly and welcoming. Being crowded with people from all over the world, Malaysia has a rich diverse culture.
  5. No Language Barriers
    English being a universal language is practised the most, besides their local languages. Even in colleges, English is the prime language. For the students who are less proficient in English, there are several English courses in Malaysia to help such students.
  6. Touristic Destination
    Besides being an educational hub, Malaysia attracts travel enthusiasts from all over the world for its scenic beauty, beaches, rainforests and skyscrapers. Kuala Lumpur is also known for the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Other popular towns are Langkawi, Cameron Highlands and Taman Negara.
  7. Heaven for Food Lovers
    Malaysia offers a great variety of cuisines for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The traditional Malay food is also extremely delicious. There are plenty of food options for nomads.

With all these reasons, Malaysia welcomes students from all over the world to fulfil their dreams. Students who want to discuss education in Malaysia may visit Malaysian Education Consultants to clarify all the doubts


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